What is a Threshold?

Thresholds (Door Thresholds) are an inexpensive way to insulate your home, save money and become energy efficient and eco-friendly. Thresholds are installed on the floor underneath a door to keep the
opening weather tight. Thresholds are a large part of the weatherization and air sealing system for door openings. A cusom-made door threshold fits and works most effectively. Read More

Benefits of Custom Thresholds

  • Low cost and affordable
  • Save money by reducing energy bills
    - During the winter, door thresholds keep cold air out of the home while keeping expensive heat inside
    - In the summer, door thresholds keep conditioned air inside while keeping hot weather out
  • Protects against insects
  • Easy to install
  • Long lasting
  • Be green – eco friendly
  • Can come with a vinyl seal for an even tighter seal

Custom Threshold Types

Custom door thresholds are available in the following premium colors in smooth aluminum finishes: Aluminum, Brite Gold, Satin Nickel, Unfinished Wood, Bronze, MetalDecor Oak & White.

Custom Threshold Style Types include: Bumper, Panic-Exit Latch, Saddle, With Vinyl Seal, Heavy Duty & Standard.

Custom Threshold Style Shapes include: Adjustable, Flat Top, Fluted Top, Low Dome, Low, High, Extra High Dome, Fixed & High Dome.

For more Information on Custom Thresholds, please visit Custom Door Thresholds. Custom Door Thresholds has the threshold type, style, color and finish plus the high quality craftsmanship you are looking for.
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